MDM Editions for any Business

In recognition of the varying nature of MDM requirements across data scale, complexity and governance dimensions, clearMDM Editions offer tiered MDM solutions at Basic, Mid and Enterprise levels.

clearMDM is licensed per-annum, per-production Salesforce org. There are no user limits applied to the product licensing. Sandbox licenses are available free of charge to existing customers or for evaluation purposes. Please note, Salesforce user licensing is required in addition to the clearMDM product license.

Please Contact Us for further information about the clearMDM licensing options and 2022/2023 pricing.

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$5,000 USD $10,000 USD Contact Us
Data quality
Standard Quality Rules & Metrics no yes yes
Custom Quality Rules & Metrics no no yes
Standard Quality Actions no yes yes
Corrective & Compliance Actions no no yes
Record Matching
Advanced Matching Engine yes yes yes
Automated & Manual Matching yes yes yes
Real-time Matching (Actions & API) no no yes
Intelligent Data Partitioning no no yes
Record Merge & Consolidation
Custom Merge Engine yes yes yes
Automated & Manual Merge yes yes yes
Configurable Trust Rules & Selective Record Reparenting yes yes yes
Advanced Merge (Groupings, Newest, Oldest, Dynamic Priority) no no yes
Real-time Merge (Actions & API) no no yes
Dynamic Hierarchies no no yes
Data Lineage no yes yes
Point-in-time Rolback no yes yes
Edition Limits * per Object
Target Objects 2 4 NA
Data Sources 2 4 NA
*Source Records 250K 750K 50M
*Standardisation Rules 5 10 50
*Matching Rules 10 25 200
*Merge Rules 10 25 200
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