v8.0 Spring 24 Release Notes

New! Validating Addresses and Emails in clearMDM

New! Potential Matches Feature

Updated Resources reflecting version 6.0

V5.0 Release Content

Version 5.0 clearMDM content explained. 

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Updated Training Material!

As clearMDM evolves, the training material already provided also needs to evolve.

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clearMDM Product Release Notes

Product enhancements and new features are being added to clearMDM on a regular basis. Release notes are added to the website which provide further information.

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Viewing Merge Analysis on the Master Record.

A new button has been added to the Account page layout so that when clicked, displays Merge Analysis for Attribute Groups only.

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Ability to setup multiple Target Objects per Salesforce Object

Up until now you could only setup one Target Object per SObject Type. There is now the ability to be able to setup more than one and specify the record type it applies to. 

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Updating Source Records within a matched and merged group

New functionality has been added to Attribute Groups which will allow source records to be updated when a master record monitored field has changed or you can now update all source records with new field values.

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