• Added

    Normalisation Rule Type : Remove

    The Remove Normalisation Rule Type can be used to remove all instances found of specified text tokens listed in a referenced Custom Setting. For example, the ” AND ” can be removed from Company Names to improve matching quality.

    The clearMDM package now installs a Remove Values Custom Setting which can be populated and used as a reference for normalisation rules.

  • Improved

    Scheduled Data Services

    Scheduled data service processing can now be limited to specific data services. For example, Low priority data services can run daily and Medium priority data services hourly.

    Note, real-time data service processing is unaffected by this enhancement.

  • Improved

    E164 Phone Formats

    The ISO Country Code list now provides a “Target Remove Start” attribute which can be populated with a list of prefixes to be removed from phone numbers before the international prefix is added.

    For example with a Target Remove Start of 44 for UK.

    44-0207990990, normalises to +44207990990 instead of +4444207990990.



  • Improved

    Platform Events

    The Master Record Update Platform Event is now published by Merge, Synchronisation and Reparenting Batch Jobs. Previously support was limited to real-time MDM processing.

    This platform event supports myriad use cases including external system notifications and the invocation of on-platform process automations (i.e. Flow).

    To enable event publishing, the “Is Platform Event Active?” checkbox should be ticked under Target Object Merge/Sync/Reparenting settings.

v6.17 – Spring 23