Attribute Groups Support

Within clearMDM Attribute Groups play a critical role in the Merging process when creating Master Records. It’s purpose is to identify key fields and set rules for how the values on the Master Record are determined.

This process needs preparation before configuring the rules within clearMDM. As there may be a number of records that Match, they may all have different values in e.g. email, so as a Business you have to start thinking about which record is more likely to be the most relevant value. This could be based upon the newest Record created, or you might want to consider the quality of the field value, or you might think the oldest created record as it’s been used more for Marketing purposes.

The point is though that this needs discussing and deciding before setting the rules up in clearMDM. You can change your mind of course, or update as you test and decide the outcome isn’t as you wanted.

To help with this and to help with setting the Attribute Groups up in clearMDM we have written a Training Module specifically for this purpose.

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clearMDM Team