New! Standard to Standard Object MDM Processing

When Matching and Merging records within clearMDM, historically they had to be records contained within the same Object. Now though, you can set up the ability to be able to Match and Merge across different Objects.  

In the example used below, the two Objects in question are Leads and PersonAccounts. 

Within Settings in clearMDM there is the functionality to add Data Sources, which is where you define the mapping of Objects (Source to Target).  

To add a Data Source for Lead to PersonAccount, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in clearMDM.  
  2. Click on the DataSources tab. 
  3. Click on Add DataSource. 
  4. Ensure the ‘Is Active?’ check box is ticked.  
  5. Give the Data Source a name, in this example it’s LeadtoAccount. 
  6. Select the Source SObject Type (I.e. where the Source Records are located). In this example it is Lead.  
  7. Select the Target SObject Type (I.e. The Object in which the Master Records will be created. In this example it is Person Account.  
  8. Select the MDM Status Field Name to ‘MDM Status’. 
  9. Ensure the ‘Is Active for Synchronisation?’ checkbox is ticked.  
  10. Select the Is Active for Reparenting Field Name to ‘Is Active For Reparenting?’. 

The Matching and Merge and Conversion Settings can be configured as appropriate for the Company’s requirements. 

There is also now the ability to be able to select not just the Target Fields but also the Source Field values. This is due to the fact that across different Objects, the Address fields for example may be named slightly differently. So, in Person Account it could be Mailing Street, Mailing City etc whereas in the Lead Object it could just be simply Street, City, Country etc. 

Once everything has been configured, save the Datasource. The Target Object for Lead will also need configuring so that it matches the Person Account Target Object, particularly the Blocking Key for the Normalisation process.  

Once these settings have been applied, the Matching and Merging of Leads and Person Account records can be processed by either running the Job Runs or by the Blocking Key Process Request. 

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clearMDM Team