New! Validating Addresses and Emails in clearMDM

When creating new Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Person Accounts, there is the ability to be able to record Address Information which could be a Mailing or Billing Address (for example). The Data Services Package will send these addresses via a Data Service Callout to global address verification providers (usage costs do apply), and a response will be sent back to validate the information provided. 

The Address is then indicated as Valid or not, and a quality value is returned and automatically populated in the Address Quality field.

As well as Addresses, there is also the ability, following the same process, to validate Email addresses.   

For these processes to occur, once the MDM Data Services Package has been installed, there are a few configuration steps to follow. To find out more either refer to the Training Material or contact us at where we would be happy to explain further and provide a demo.

clearMDM Team