Preparing MDM Configuration

When implementing a Master Data Management solution, the first thing to decide is what the end result is going to look like. Storing information about customers, suppliers etc potentially across different systems, can open many questions as to which information is relevant, which is the most important, how do you decide what determines the Matching of records?

We understand this can be a timely process which can involve many people to make the decisions. Once this information has been decided and you know what you want to use to match records, which values you want to keep and whether anything else needs to be added to the Master Record (e.g. Transactions), then implementing the solution into clearMDM is simple.

To help with this process, we have a number of Training Guides and Product Documentation within the Resource section of the website. We have also added some Templates in an excel spreadsheet which gives some examples and explains some areas to consider.

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clearMDM Team