Updating Source Records within a matched and merged group

A new field has been added called ‘Source Record Update Mode’ which has 3 options you can select. If you leave it set to ‘none’ then the master record will be updated with the attribute group merge rules specified. If you select ‘correct’ then when the master record is updated, the monitored field (s) will update the source record the original values came from. The idea here is that the original source record will remain in a current state with the values that are updated in the master record being fed back.

You can also select an option called ‘overwrite’ which will update all source records. If you have a master record which has more than one source record attached to it, and one of these records is updated, then if the update is a monitored attribute group field the update will be appended to the master record once the mdm jobs are run. This in turn will also pass the update down to all source records so they all have the same information.

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clearMDM Team