V5.0 Release Content

The latest release of clearMDM, v 5.0, contains feature enhancements. The following explains what these enhancements are and also provides some examples to put them into context. 

There is a new selection within Attribute groups, which when selected will allow the most popular value(s) found within the Source Records to win and be promoted to the Master Record. This selection is within the Attribute Priority type “Frequency”. 

The winning record for the group is calculated as the one with the most common / frequently  occurring set of values for the fields marked as required in the AG across the records being merged.  In such a case there will be more than one record which share the same values, so the actual winner  is determined by the second factor priority. 


5 Accounts being merged. The Billing Address Attribute Group has City and Country fields marked as required. Second factor is created date. 

(a) 3 Accounts have London and UK 

(b) 1 Account has London and GB 

(c) 1 Account has Edinburgh and UK 

The most common is (a) and the actual winner for the group is the one with the most recent created  date. 

There is also now the facility to be able to setup an Attribute Group Template which will override other values within Source Records by setting a ‘Primary Override’. 


If you have a number of records for the same person, but they have different addresses, if one of the records indicates that the address is a main address, then this will be the one displayed on the Master Record after Matching and Merging. If more than one has a main address indicator, then the one most recently created will be used.  

There is now a skipped MDM Status which allows records to be identified and removed from repeated attempts to match groups where size exceeds [Max Records Per Group] or [Max Records Per Iterable Cycle]. 

There are two new fields within Target Objects, Matching Settings 1) Group Size Rule optimisation. This allows larger groups to be processed using Key and Deterministic matching rules only 2) Group Size Skipped Status. This allows larger groups to be processed but simply moved to skipped. 

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clearMDM Team