Lead Duplicate Checking

Check Only Data Sources allow cross-object matching between Standard Objects (Lead, Contact etc.). The ability to validate new leads against existing contact data and block duplicates is a key use case for this new functionality.

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v1.26 “Spring 17” Release Notes Update

v1.26 Release Notes Update.

Automated record-level flag management plus additional distributed data stewarding enhancements.

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v1.25 Release Notes Update

v1.25 Release Notes Update.

New De-centralised MDM features (e.g. Selective Child Record Re-parenting) plus a new in-memory API matching operation intended for distributed MDM point-of-entry matching.

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API Guide

A draft of the clearMDM API guide is now available for download here. For further information on the clearMDM Real-time API please contact support@clearmdm.com.

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